The Downsview Hockey Club Learn-to-Play (Squirts) Program provides skating instruction to children ages 3 and up who are preparing for eventual participation in Novice Hockey.

The Learn-to-Play program offers instruction to children just learning to skate.  We encourage the children on ice by giving them a fun and safe environment to learn, and help teach the necessary skills to excel in hockey in a fun, yet effective manner.  It is our goal to have the children on the ice enjoying themselves while teaching them basic skating and hockey skills.  The children are divided into groups based on their skating ability and from there we assign our volunteer instructors to these groups in order to allow for the maximum amount of learning for the children.  We begin by teaching and/or reviewing the basics and then build upon these skills for eventual introduction into our hockey program.

The Downsview Hockey Club would again like to thank the volunteers for their time and effort and making this program a success.

Costs:  $260 per person.
Sessions will start Saturday, October 14, 2017.
Times: TBD
 – Saturday mornings at Downsview Arena.

All players registered will receive a hockey jersey, individual/group picture, and a club memento at the year ending Banquet.




Beginner skate encourages confidence, with emphasis on balance and simple strides.




Advanced skate encourages confidence, with emphasis on speed and agility.  Some hockey skills will also be taught.


(Players: free admission to banquet; trophies and pictures presented)


  1. All players must wear helmet, facemask, and neck protector before participating in skating sessions.  (It is suggested that players wear waterproof pants and gloves, not snow pants.  Do not have the child wear a heavy jacket or coat as this restricts movement.  Shin or kneepads and if possible elbow pads are advisable.)
  2. Parents must remain in the stands (no parents in the bench area or in hallway near ice).  Children learn & listen to the instructor much better when parents are watching from the stands.
  3. Only club-authorized instructors are permitted on the ice in accordance with regulations.
  4. Player’s participation on a weekly basis and for the full session is encouraged.
  5. Players whose skills develop over the course of the year will be moved up to the next appropriate group level.
  6. Hockey sticks may be required for the Beginner Group ONLY upon notification from the instructors; hockey sticks will be required for the Advanced Group.  Cut the top of the stick as measured to the child’s chin while he/she is on skates.   Tape the stick blade and provide a knob as well.