2017 – 2018 Schedule


Welcome to the new season. Please see the skill session times below.

DivisionTime SlotDayLocation
Novice8:00 am - 9:00 amSaturdayDownsview Arena
PeeWee9:00 am - 10:00 amSaturdayDownsview Arena
Novice10:00 am - 11:00 amSaturdayDownsview Arena
Learn-To-Play11:00 am - 12:00 pmSaturdayDownsview Arena
Bantam12:00 pm - 1:00 pmSaturdayDownsview Arena


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DateTimeHome TeamVisitor TeamArena
15 Oct, 20175:00PMTeam 1Team 4Downsview
15 Oct, 20175:45PMTeam 2Team 3Downsview
22 Oct, 20175:00PMTeam 2Team 4Downsview
22 Oct, 20175:45PMTeam 3Team 1Downsview
29 Oct, 20175:00PMTeam 3Team 4Downsview
29 Oct, 20175:45PMTeam 1Team 2Downsview
05 Nov, 20175:00PMTeam 3Team 2Downsview
05 Nov, 20175:45PMTeam 4Team 1Downsview
12 Nov, 20175:00PMTeam 4Team 2Downsview
12 Nov, 20175:45PMTeam 1Team 3Downsview
19 Nov, 20175:00PMTeam 3Team 4Downsview
19 Nov, 20175:45PMTeam 1Team 2Downsview
26 Nov, 20175:00PMTeam 1Team 4Downsview
26 Nov, 20175:45PMTeam 3Team 2Downsview
03 Dec, 20175:00PMTeam 3Team 1Downsview
03 Dec, 20175:45PMTeam 2Team 4Downsview
10 Dec, 20175:00PMTeam 4Team 3Downsview
10 Dec, 20175:45PMTeam 2Team 1Downsview
17 Dec, 20175:00PMTeam 1Team 4Downsview
17 Dec, 20175:45PMTeam 2Team 3Downsview
7 Jan, 20185:00PMTeam 1Team 4Downsview
7 Jan, 20185:45PMTeam 2Team 3Downsview
14 Jan, 20185:00PMTeam 2Team 4Downsview
14 Jan, 20185:45PMTeam 3Team 1Downsview
21 Jan, 20185:00PMTeam 3Team 4Downsview
21 Jan, 20185:45PMTeam 1Team 2Downsview
28 Jan, 20185:00PMTeam 3Team 2Downsview
28 Jan, 20185:45PMTeam 4Team 1Downsview
4 Feb, 20185:00PMTeam 4Team 2Downsview
4 Feb, 20185:45PMTeam 1Team 3Downsview
11 Feb, 20185:00PMTeam 3Team 4Downsview
11 Feb, 20185:45PMTeam 1Team 2Downsview
18 Feb, 20185:00PMTeam 1Team 4Downsview
18 Feb, 20185:45PMTeam 3Team 2Downsview
25 Feb, 20185:00PMTeam 3Team 1Downsview
25 Feb, 20185:45PMTeam 2Team 4Downsview
4 Mar, 20185:00PMTeam 4Team 3Downsview
4 Mar, 20185:45PMTeam 2Team 1Downsview
October 22 6:30pmDownsview ArenaWarren Park Eagles
November 56:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
November 126:30pmDownsview ArenaWarren Park
November 196:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
November 266:30pmDownsview ArenaWarren Park
December 36:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
December 106:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
January 204:15pmMimico Arena Mimico
January 216:30pmDownsview ArenaWarren Park
January 274:15pmMimico Arena Mimico
February 34:15pmMimico Arena Mimico
February 46:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
February 104:15pmMimico Arena Mimico
February 256:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico
March 46:30pmDownsview ArenaMimico

Mimico Arena: 31 Drummond St, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1Y7

October 227:30pmDownsview Hockey Arena